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Project 3B: Investment Fund for PreK-3rd Grade Strategies and Systems at the Community Level

Alice Humphres, Program Lead 
Page Meyer, Program Lead 
This project will work in conjunction with Project 3A: Build a Regional PreK-3rd System. School district teams may apply, through a proposal process, for project-specific funding in line with their PreK-3rd system-building plan. This project focuses on the region’s high-need elementary schools.
Kent's Project 3 leads are working together to deliver Ready! for Kindergarten training to help parents prepare their children for kindergarten. Funds for this work have also supported Kindergarten Jump Start, one of our many kindergarten transition efforts. Additionally, ten Kent leaders have participated in the University of Washington's Executive P-3 Leadership Certification Program during the 2015-2016 school year.
Funds for this project end August 31, 2016.