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Project 1: Investment Fund for Teaching and Learning

This project provides a fund that districts may access to improve teacher and principal skills and abilities, to assist in the creation of personalized learning environments in the region’s high-need schools. The emphasis of this fund is on math, science and ELL instruction as well as teacher/principal leadership. 
This investment funds the following projects in Kent:
English Language Learner Leadership Academy
The English Language Learner Leadership Academy parallels the program that the district has had in place for teachers for several years. It helps leaders understand how culture impacts student learning.  It also provides information that leads to an understanding of the needs of ELL students and the best known instructional practices that help ELL students succeed.  This informs leaders so they are better able to support and evaluate teachers in their work with English language learners. This project has been granted a no-cost extension that will allow work to continue through August 2017.
 Nina (Will) Williams, Program Lead
 Report to the Board, December 9, 2015

Improving Learning for ALL in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms
This investment funds the secondary Studio Math work in Kent's high need middle and high schools. The funds have supported a secondary math coach, professional development for teachers and leaders as well as classroom and leadership coaching. This program ends August 31, 2016.
 Tami Ohoyo, Program Lead Report to the Board, December 9, 2015

Problem-Based Learning to Improve Science Outcomes for ALL Students
Through these funds, professional development around problem-based learning, and developing PBL units aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been provided to teachers from all ten of Kent's high needs elementary schools as well as our high needs middle school. The grant has supported a science specialist position to help support teachers as they develop PBL units, as well as materials that include tools to integrate engineering into science instruction, and a tool to help create and share PBL units. This project has been granted a no-cost extension that will end in August 2017.
 Shannon Heckelsmiller, Program Lead Report to the Board, December 9, 2015