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Kent School District Graduation Rates Continue To Rise

The overall 2020 cohort graduation rate was 87.8 percent of the Class of 2020 cohort, students who entered high school in 2016, graduated within four years, is a 3.8% increase from the 2019 cohort graduation rate, and an 8.1% increase from the 2015 cohort graduation rate. 

Graduation rates districtwide have risen for four consecutive years. Our Class of 2020 African American students' graduation rate was 90.8%, which is an increase of 8.2% from the year before. We also saw an increase for our Hispanic/Latino students, who showed a 4.5% increase with a graduation rate of 81.4% for the Class of 2020. We also saw gains for our Inclusive Education and English Learner students. Our Class of 2020 Inclusive Education students had a graduation rate of 63.3%, which is a 10.1% increase from the previous year in 2019. And our 2020 EL students had a graduation rate of 72.2%, which is a 7.5% increase from the Class of 2019. Kentlake High School saw the largest increase among our comprehensive high schools with a graduation rate of 91.9% for the Class of 2020, which was a 9.6% increase from the Class of 2019.

"Our 2020 seniors faced unprecedented challenges, yet this data confirms their ability to persevere, overcome, and succeed." Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts said at the KSD Board meeting on November 18, 2020. "This data also shows the commitment of students, families, and staff who did not over-utilize available waivers and prioritized student learning even during this global health crisis. And while we celebrate these impressive gains for the whole student body, we cannot, and we must not lose sight of the fact that specific student groups are still not achieving at the same rate. We still have much work to do to ensure we are successfully preparing all students —meaning each and every—for their futures."

Congratulations to the students, families, staff, and our community who have played had a part in achieving our highest four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate in recent history!