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National Board Certified Teachers

Kent School District is proud to announce our teachers who have achieved national board certification this year. Teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met high standards through study, expert evaluation, self-assessment, and peer review.

National Board Certification (NBC) is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. NBC has national standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. The National Board certifies teachers who successfully complete its rigorous certification process.  

By pursuing excellence to attain this certification, these teachers strengthen their teaching practice, improve student success, demonstrate leadership skills, and expand their teaching influence and expertise.

In a recent study by the National Research Council, it was noted National Board Certification is an effective professional development experience positively affecting teaching practice. The process of analyzing and reflecting on daily practice during candidacy helps teachers focus on their strengths and areas of improvement and gives them ideas for improving their teaching.

Our newly certified teachers are joining a growing community of more than 125,000 board-certified teachers across our nation. We heartily congratulate each teacher for pursuing excellence in their practice and their dedication to becoming more effective teachers.

Kent School District 2019-20 National Board Certified Teachers

Shannon Bolton, Sunrise Elementary School

"Completing my National Boards was such a great experience! It really pushed me to take a closer look at my teaching and stretched myself to become a better teacher. I learned how to look closely at my teaching strategies and the impact they have on student learning. It was very challenging, but well worth it. I am very proud of this accomplishment."

Jessica Dumont, Kentwood High School

"The NB certification program is challenging. It requires extensive planning, reflection, and time. The program encouraged me to be more intentional about everything I do in the classroom. I am proud of the work I have done through the NB process and have learned a great deal about who I am as an educator."

Janesa Gallager, Millennium Elementary School

"The national boards process caused me to a be a more reflective teacher.  It let me to more deeply and intentionally analyze my students’ work and to think critically about next steps for each individual student."

Stefani Hansen, East Hill Elementary School

“Pursuing my National Board Certification was the best professional development I’ve ever had. This process helped me become a more reflective practitioner, think more critically about my teaching, and gave me more tools to address issues of equity within my classroom and within the larger system. More than anything, pursuing National Board Certification helped me become a more effective teacher for my students. They are the driving force behind everything I do. I could not have achieved certification without the inspiration of my students. Their resilience, empathy, leadership, and willingness to take risks in their own learning motivates me to be my best self and to never stop learning and growing as a teacher. I am thankful for what the National Boards process taught me and am thankful to be a lifelong learner alongside my AMAZING students! Go Blazer Bees!”

Caroline Kramer, Kent Elementary School

"I’m very proud to be a NBCT. I won’t lie and say it was a fun or easy process, but it really reinforced the importance of knowing my students well and using tools to build on their strengths and meet their needs. My teaching strategies are more focused and intentional now that I’ve gone through the certification process, and I love the results I’ve seen with my students."

Erin Peterson, Glenridge Elementary School

"I feel honored to have my hard work and skills recognized. I have grown so much as an educator during my time in KSD, with the support of Scott Abernathy and all of our wonderful Glenridge family!" 

Colleen Smith, Sunrise Elementary

"Completing the National Boards Teacher Certification was a difficult challenge, but worth the time and effort. It challenged my ideas on student engagement and how to reach multiple levels of student learners. It strengthened my communication, gave me ideas for how to connect with students better and help them achieve their goals. It didn’t make me a perfect teacher, but it did make me a more well-rounded teacher who is excited to keep learning and growing my abilities to best help students."

Michelle Whitcomb, Carriage Crest Elementary School

"I am very glad that I achieved National Board certification. The benefits far outweigh the work it took to complete the certification process! I believe that becoming a National Board Certified Teacher has made me more reflective about what I do in the classroom and the process has helped me to improve my educational practice. It was a difficult journey to complete all four components, but I highly recommend National Board certification for professionals who want to hone their teaching practice and have an even more positive impact on colleagues, students, and the families they work with every day!"