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Students Learn About Disabilities by Experiencing Them

What does it mean to be kind? Students at Fairwood Elementary learned that sometimes it means understanding how people with disabilities experience the world.Students wear headphones during activities.

Thanks to the IDEA Project, a non-profit that provides interactive disability education awareness in schools, students participated in hands-on workshops designed to develop their understanding and empathy for a variety of disabilities during Kindness Week, February 25- March 1.

“You’ll see that light bulb moment when they actually get it,” Allison Bureau, who founded the IDEA Project, said. “And that to me, never gets old because you know you’ve gotten another child to have more understanding and empathy for someone else.”

Students experienced what it is like to have fine motor skills issues, a learning disability, a processing disorder, speech and communication issues, vision impairment, and difficulties with sensory processing.

“You have to think before you talk,” one sixth grade student said after participating in the activity. “You have to think about what they’re saying instead of just reacting.”

Thank you to our community partners, including local Kiwanis clubs, volunteers, Renee Nash and Mari Davis for making Kindness Week possible!