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Dear KSD Community

On January 23 a local media outlet published an article regarding personnel matters involving one of our staff members. We have heard the concerns of the Panther Lake and Kent School District community.

While there are no new employee investigations beyond what has been shared by the media, a decision has been reached today seeking to address the impact of the information shared in the article on our school community. Rafaela Kayryakoff will be reassigned to a non-school based position beginning Monday, January 27, 2020.

This decision was made with the care and concern of all students, families, and staff of the Panther Lake community in mind. We have arranged for a substitute PE teacher for the remainder of the school year. I can assure you that Principal Pogson, Assistant Principal Aulava and staff will take every step necessary to ensure a smooth transition over the upcoming days for our students and Panther Lake community. Our shared goal is for students to continue learning with as little interruption as possible.

In Kent School District we take any matter of concern voiced by students, families, and staff seriously. We are committed to successfully preparing all students for their futures. We are also committed to creating an environment where all students, families, staff, and community members know they are safe, respected and valued for their diverse life experiences, language, culture, values, and beliefs. And, we will continue to identify and correct practices and policies that perpetuate achievement and opportunity gaps as well as institutional bias.

Finally, I remind all students, staff, and family that all instances of suspected harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying should be reported to your school’s principal or assistant principal in any of the following ways: in person, over the phone or by email. You may also complete the official HIB Report Form, available on our website and submit it to the school’s main office.