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Seahawks Promote Online Course to Kent-Meridian

Seattle Seahawks tight end Ed Dickson, mascot Blitz, and Seahawks legends Edwin Bailey and Randall Morris visited Kent-Meridian High School last week to promote a free, new online curriculum.

Everfi, which is a company that partners with organizations to help provide digital resources in education for K-12 students, worked with the Seahawks and Kent-Meridian to introduce the launch of 306 – African-American History, an online digital course which explores the lives, lessons and stories of African-Americans throughout history.

History teacher Nick Pizzalato and his United States history students were in attendance learning about the curriculum. Students had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A with Dickson, Bailey, and Morris. The players shared their passion for education and learning about history, and also gave students advice for their futures.

Principal David Radford said, “Our students appreciated that members of the Seahawks organization visited our school and shared an inspirational message of learning about African American history and taking advantage of all the educational opportunities that exist in school.”

The players also emphasized the importance of learning about your own family history and how everyone’s history is part of the American experience. 



Photos courtesy of and photographer Corky Trewin