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Elected to Serve Our Students

In Washington State, more than 1.1 million students rely on public schools to help them prepare for the future. In Kent School District more than 26,000 students count on the adults in our district to ensure schools are open, qualified teachers are in place, buildings are safe, and resources are provided. It’s a big job and a critically important one.

It’s a job that we as adults must take seriously. When we were children, adults provided schools for us. Now it’s our turn to make the commitment to ensure that today’s children have what they need. Each of us must stand up for our neighborhood schools and do our part to provide for the next generation of leaders.

Fortunately, in every community, we have great examples of adults who have already stepped up to make sure that local schools are ready for the inquiring minds of today’s students. In every community in Washington, adults have taken on the responsibility and the hard work of making our schools the best they can be.

Locally elected school board members are working here in Kent School District, and in every Washington school district, to make certain that children have access to the best schools we can offer. Our board members are volunteers who donate hours of their time each month to keep the commitment to KSD students.

KSD board members are required to seek out hours of training each year. As trustees for the community's schools, increasing academic achievement and accountability for every student is the primary goal of our board. They are public servants who generously work to benefit the youngest, most vulnerable members of our community.

Join us this month as we take a moment to recognize our Kent School District Board of Directors during School Board Recognition Month. Take a moment to honor the work they are doing to plant seeds of success in the students in our community. Take a moment to say thank you for the work school board members are doing on our behalf.