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October 22, 2021 KSD Updates

New COVID-19 Dashboard Available

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, please read these important reminders and announcements for all families and staff.  

A new COVID-19 Dashboard is now available. Please note this data table represents COVID-19 cases for students and staff in KSD since October 1. This date coincides with the transition to the new database being used by our KSD contact tracing staff hired and trained in September. Historical case information from April 2021, when in-person student activities and hybrid learning began, through September 30, 2021, is also available on our website.  

Masks for Students 

Throughout the pandemic, KSD has provided masks and appropriate PPE to students and staff. This school year, we have distributed more than 100,000 masks to our students alone. In addition, we have recently provided an additional allotment of disposable masks to all elementary schools.  

In King County, community transmission of COVID-19 continues to be substantial. Please remind student(s) masks must be worn at all times during indoor learning and activities, and when social distancing is not possible as mandated by the Washington State Department of Health.   

While disposable masks continue to be available for students who arrive to ride the bus or at school without a mask, schools also offer reusable masks to students to use on weekends and at activities outside of school. We encourage families to use reusable masks as much as possible. Thank you for helping keep our KSD community healthy and safe.  

COVID-19 Testing For KSD Students, Families, and Staff 

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Precision Lab Management to provide COVID-19 tests at all secondary schools, multiple times each week. Testing began this week for staff only, but starting November 1 these testing sites will be open to all KSD students, families, and staff. 

The testing locations and schedules are intended to accommodate students, staff, and families who are symptomatic and/or have testing requirements for work or activities. 

The COVID-19 tests are free and there will be required information including a consent form and insurance information. Details about how to provide this information will be sent next week. It will be essential to complete this information before your first test, or you will not be tested. If you are tested at one of our KSD sites, you will receive a text or email about your test results. KSD will run a daily report to ensure each employee who received an approved exemption follows the seven-day negative test accommodation. KSD will also run reports for student-athletes aligned to Department of Health guidelines.