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National Custodian Day, October 2, 2021

While we always appreciate our custodians, with COVID-19, we are more grateful than ever for all the work they do in our buildings. But, of course, their dedication and attention to detail are nothing new. Still, our custodians have gone the extra mile during this pandemic. They have been working hard and nonstop to get students and teachers back into the classroom – and keep them there this school year. 

Keeping our schools and buildings continuously clean is one of the most critical pieces in a very complex process of getting and keeping schools open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When it comes to preparing our school buildings for use, our custodians serve on the front line. Our custodians and maintenance staff are in the buildings day-in and day-out, night-in and night-out, on weekends and during holidays, ensuring the facilities are ready for the next day.  

KSD custodians are completing their routine tasks and so much more to help prevent the potential spread of viruses. We are incredibly grateful for their selfless service. 

KSD custodians specifically are not just staff members; they are part of each school’s family. They are integral members of each school team and play an essential role in ensuring an outstanding educational experience for our students. 

So, in celebration of National Custodian Day on October 2, 2021, we say thank you to each and every KSD custodian! If you see any of our outstanding custodians, please give them a huge THANK YOU!