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Safety Officers Train for 2019-20

In preparation for the new school year, our Kent School District (KSD) Safety Services team participated in a 10-day annual training academy.

The training was not just about learning and reviewing documents, but more about being physically active and gaining hands-on experience.

One of the first lessons school safety officers received was emergency vehicle operations and driving skills training.

The Safety Services team partnered with Covington Police Department, Kent Police Department, and King County Sheriff’s Department to conduct a defensive driving training at Pacific Raceways. The team used KSD vehicles to learn how to properly reverse, and to also test high-speed breaking.

Eric Kauffmen, Cedar Heights Middle School safety officer said, “It’s a bit [nerve-wracking] when you get in the vehicle, but then when you push it and you see what it can do, it’s exciting.”

“It’s not something everyone gets to do. This allows us to get out there and respond to our schools quickly in an emergency. They are learning some basic skills and training that will make it happen safely,” said Tim Kovich, school safety services supervisor.

Defensive driver training was taught by King County deputies, Kent police officers, and Covington Chief of Police Andrew McCurdy.

“Safety is the top benefit we can have for the district. Keeping others safe, keeping ourselves safe, and understanding the public when we’re driving,” said Curt Newton, Kent Phoenix Academy safety officer.

In addition, school safety officers participated in CPR/AED training.

“CPR and AED training has become a vital skill to have as a first responder to medical and school-based emergencies. This is mandatory training for all of our staff,” said Kovich.

The Safety Services team also conducted various scenarios, learned de-escalation/defensive tactics and much more.

Thanks to our partners in local law enforcement who helped provide these trainings and skill-building sessions.