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Kent School District Board Approves Bond Resolution for April 2023 Special Election

Kent, WA – The Kent School District Board passed Resolution 1634 calling for a special election on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, to submit to voters a proposition supporting districtwide safety, security, and ADA improvements; modernize elementary schools for pre-K education; repair, remodel and upgrade school and administrative buildings, HVAC and building systems and technology; replace and install playgrounds, athletic facilities and sports fields; and expand operations facilities. 

With this proposal, there is a projected 7% decrease in overall school tax rates. 

Also, additional bonds cannot be sold if home values increase. The amount is capped at what the voters approve.

The 2023 Bond includes:


Address student safety, health, and well-being by investing in modern school safety features like secure entrances and additional cameras, upgrading accessibility features, and improving building ventilation systems. 


Extend the useful life of school buildings and systems such as new flooring, roof replacements, districtwide furniture replacement, update lighting, refresh parking lots, and upgrade boiler systems. 


Equip our buildings with the necessary technology to support modern classroom teaching practices and replace emergency messaging intercoms


Create early learning space in every elementary school by expanding or reconfiguring existing space to support growing academic programs. 


Ensure students have access to outdoor learning environments that are ADA compliant by updating aging playgrounds and fields. 

School bonds pay for facility construction and renovations. School districts cannot use bond dollars for teacher salaries or classroom operations. Bonds finance the costs of safety and facility improvements not covered by state and federal funds.


Thank you to our voters who have supported bond and levy initiatives throughout the years. Please find information on how the 2016 Bond money was spent by viewing the status of projects both completed and those projects still to be completed this next spring and summer.