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Volunteers Needed for the Board-Approved Fiscal Recovery Task Force

The Kent School District School Board (KSD Board) is looking to establish a Fiscal Recovery Task Force (Task Force). In order to build trust with our stakeholders and attend to our fiscal recovery plan, the KSD Board is organizing and convening a Task Force to serve as advisors to the KSD Board. To the highest degree possible, the Task Force will be created from interested stakeholders who have legal, financial and/or auditing experience (not applicable for students).

The Task Force will meet on a regular basis to advise the KSD Board on matters that affect the fiscal solvency of the Kent School District. In addition to attendance at the two regular monthly Board meetings, it is expected that the Task Force will meet once to twice per month, with the schedule to be determined by the Task Force chair and vice chair. Members on the Task Force serve two to three-year terms.

An action plan detailing the Task Force roles and responsibilities; scope of authority; committee composition; application process; and meetings and procedures are highlighted on the KSD website. Applications are online and will be accepted until 5:00 PM, Monday, November 26, 2018.

“For the first time in recent district history, the KSD Board has initiated a citizens’ committee to provide advice to the Board and our stakeholders,” said KSD Board President Maya Vengadasalam. “We are searching for skilled professionals who have an understanding of school finances to strategically collaborate with our district and advise the Board on matters that impact our fiscal solvency.”