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School Bus Safety Week Oct. 22-26

We celebrate our Transportation Team during this year’s National School Bus Safety Week, October 22–26, 2018. This important week highlights school bus safety and promotes school bus transportation. The national theme is: “My Driver – My Safety Hero!”

Our Transportation Team works hard to ensure students arrive at school safe and ready to learn. From our amazing drivers to the shop personnel, supervisors, and support staff, they all work together to perform vital functions to make sure our transportation system operates safely and efficiently.

Please see below a list of bus drivers who have had a perfect driving record of at least ten or more years. Special congratulations to Rena Croppi who has 25 years of safe driving students to and from school every day.

Congratulations to Don Haney who took 1st place at the Washington State Bus Rodeo at the Washington Association of Pupil Transportation conference last June and won sixth place at the International Bus Rodeo at National Association of Pupil Transportation conference in Philadelphia, PA.

10 Years of Safety    
Alison Acevedo   
Keith Flewelling     
Konnie Montalvo 

11 Years of Safety       
Kathleen Mitchell  
Shurail Strothers

12 Years of Safety   
Kelly Hagen

13 Years of Safety      
Michele Ellison   
Daniela Engelbrecht    
Toni Heitzman    
Perry Ryals

14 Years of Safety      
Christina Anderson

16 Years of Safety      
Jennifer Anderson    
Rebecca Bansch    
Cindy Monuteaux

17 Years of Safety    
Wendy Atkinson

18 Years of Safety
Don Haney

19 Years of Safety
Karen Snyder

21 Years of Safety
Kim Thompson

23 Years of Safety
Doug Sanborn

24 Years of Safety
Vicky Brown
Arlene George

25 Years of Safety
Rena Croppi