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Annual Emergency Preparedness Drills

Kentlake staff during a fire drill Kent School District students and staff regularly practice several types of emergency preparedness drills required by state law and Kent School Board policy.

  • 2 earthquake drills (one is district directed and one is school directed)
  • 3 fire drills (one within the first 10 days of school)
  • 3 lockdown drills (one within the first 60 days of school)
  • 1 shelter-in-place drill
  • 3 tabletop exercises (one using the Mapping System)

In 2017-2018, 543 drills were completed across our district. “It was our third year in a row meeting 100 percent compliance for emergency drills,” proudly shares School Safety Services Supervisor Tim Kovich. “To my knowledge, we are the only district in the state that can say this.”