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KSD Names Denisha Saucedo Teacher of the Year

Denisha Saucedo is this year’s Kent School District Teacher of the Year. According to a student essay written for the nomination, Saucedo exemplifies what it is to be helpful, kind, responsible, and caring,

Saucedo is one of 10 teachers who were nominated for Teacher of the Year in the District. “It’s shocking and I feel like there’s so many great and amazing teachers out there. I feel honored to be recognized for what I try to give my students on daily basis, which is opportunity. Half of the battle is getting them to understand they are capable even when they face challenge after challenge. They just have to be told they can do it and they will,” Saucedo said of winning the award and her students.

Kent Elementary Principal Rosa Villarreal describes Saucedo as superior in both helping students develop academic and social emotional learning, as well as supporting her peers as a fourth-year mentor and being a Professional Learning Community Facilitator for nine years.

“We are extremely proud of Denisha and the heart and soul she brings to our school. Her leadership is truly a light that guides students, colleagues, and parents toward a fulfilled experience,” said Villarreal.

Saucedo describes Kent Elementary as a family. One where everyone is there because they want to make a difference and support each other by making each other smile. She attributes her dedication to teaching to her own experiences as a student, both good and bad, while attending school in the Kent School District and graduating from Kent-Meridian High School in 1997.

“Through good and bad experiences, it was important to have great teachers who could give me the opportunity to exceed. I moved a lot, went to a lot of different schools, and saw the difference between adults who were really there and understood versus the ones that tried to understand but would make excuses. Don’t make excuses, give students the chance to be capable,” Saucedo said.

 Kent Elementary Principal Rosa Villarreal and sixth grade teacher Denisha Saucedo is this year’s KSD Teacher of the year  6th grade teacher Denisha Saucedo, KSD Teacher of the Year 2017 with her family
Kent Elementary Principal Rosa Villarreal with this year’s KSD Teacher of the year Denisha Saucedo.
 Sixth grade Kent Elementary teacher Denisha Saucedo, KSD Teacher of the Year 2017, with her family.