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KM Students Win Award in High School 360 Filmmakers Challenge

Two Kent-Meridian female students Two video production students from Kent-Meridian High School won the “Hack 360” award for their inspiring virtual reality video in the High School 360 Filmmakers Challenge sponsored by Oculus and Digital Global Promise. 
The challenge encourages students to create a “virtual reality” video with the purpose of inspiring positive social change. From the submissions, the Hack 360 is given to the film that required a unique solution to capture a scene or angle that seemed impossible to achieve at first glance.
The students produced “Sheltered,” a 360-degree immersive video showing what it is like to be a dog at an animal shelter. In a statement, the students shared: “What motivated us to create the story of Sheltered is the fact that animals in shelters do not have an opportunity to feel loved, or have a family. We hope that the impact of our video will be that more people will go to animal shelters to adopt, instead of adopting from anywhere else.”
“Sheltered” can be viewed on YouTube using a desktop browser, phone, or virtual reality headset for the best experience.