Medication at School

  • When possible, parents and physicians are urged to have student medication administered outside of the school day. If your student needs to receive medication, either prescription or non-prescription, during school hours, you must provide the following:

    Medical Authorization Form

    A completed Authorization for Administration of Medication at School form signed by both the parent and the physician. Additional forms are required for asthma, allergy (Epi-Pen), and seizure medications. 

    Physician Note

    Submit a written note from your student’s prescribing physician stating:

    • Name of medication
    • Dosage
    • Time and dates to be given
    • The reason it must be given during school hours
    • Possible side effects

    We will accept faxed authorization from a health care provider. Please call our school office for the fax number. 

    Parent/Guardian Note

    Submit a note giving permission for your student to receive the prescribed medication at school. 

    Medication in its Original Container

    Medication must be brought to school by a responsible adult in the originally labeled container with the student’s name. If you are unable to bring the medication to school, please call our school nurse before sending it.