Cancellation Policy

  • Applicant will notify both the building administrator at the school where the use is scheduled and the Kent School District’s Athletics and Activities team at (253) 373-7613 of any cancellation in ample time to avoid expenses that may occur in preparation for your scheduled facility use. 

    Kent School District understands that prior notice cannot be given on all cancellations. Examples of this might be rainouts, no shows, scheduling errors, last minute changes, etc. It is not the district’s intention to hold users responsible for these types of occurrences; however, without prior cancellation notice we may not be able to credit all rental and labor charges. We do expect to be notified immediately afterwards to assist in keeping our billing process accurate and timely. 

    In the event that prior notice is not given, the following policy will be enforced: 

    Groups or individuals desiring a credit for a scheduled use must notify the Athletics and Activities team at (253) 373-7613 no later than the last calendar day of the month. Failure to notify will eliminate eligibility for any credit and the user will be responsible for full payment of the original facility request. Kent School District will not approve credit requests after the month in which the cancellation occurred.

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Last Modified on January 1, 2019