• “Thanks for all your help with him. His grades may be terrible and things look bad on paper, but this has helped me get my vibrant, happy, and confident son back. I'm extremely grateful for that. I'm certain going back to school with his friends and the more structured routines will now work with his self-loathing and depression gone.

    My name is ……….  My daughter ……….. started the virtual program this past quarter.  After many struggles, she was finally diagnosed by her physician at Children’s Hospital with ADD and an anxiety disorder.  Many years she has struggled just to get by in school with many tears and heartache as she felt there was just something wrong with her and feeling “stupid”.  After many long conversations with her councilor and principal at ………… we were referred to KPA for the virtual program.  We were elated following the interview process with Mr. Whitten that she had been accepted to the program. 

    What an amazing experience this has been for …………. and for us as parents.  She has grown exponentially not only in her academic studies, but in her confidence as well.  She went from struggling to just passing her classes at ……. to excelling her own goals and expectations in the KPA virtual program.  Having the ability to be in her own comfortable environment and being able to focus without distraction of other students and drama, she has shown herself that she can succeed.

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much it has meant to her and us that this program is available to students whom need a different environment to grow and learn.  Not only has she been more successful in her studies, she also went from not wanting to continue onto college to actually setting some goals for her future and is now reaching out to see what opportunities lay ahead of her in her college years.  I cannot thank you and the Kent School district enough for helping her through this transition in her life and providing an alternative to help her be successful.  We are looking forward to her continuing on with the KPA virtual program in the fall.