• Medications At School

    If your child needs to receive medication at school, written authorization from a parent and medical provider is required. Medication includes all over-the-counter medications such as cough drops and Tylenol. When possible, parents and medical care providers are urged to schedule giving medication outside school hours. If medication is necessary for your child during school hours, the following is required:
    • Submit a completed medication authorization form to your school. The form is available online or from your school's main office. Medication Authorization Form
    • Submit a written note from the doctor stating: name of medication, dose, time and reason it must be given during school hours, (detailed info on form must be provided if rx is to be given for over 4 weeks) and a written note from you giving permission for your child to receive the prescribed medicine at school.


    • Bring the two notes and the medication in its original container to school. If you can not come to school, you need to call the school nurse before sending the medication to school. Faxed authorization is accepted. Call your school for the fax number. We want all kids to be safe at school. Follow this link to review the Medication Policy/Procedures and the Authorization for the Administration of Oral Medication at School that you and your child's healthcare provider must complete and submit to your child's school nurse.
    • Medication Authorization Forms