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  • Welcome to the Falcon Family!

    Kentlake High School is a diverse comprehensive high school that prides itself on our sense of family.

    Our Falcon values center around family, attitude, leadership, commitment, ownership, never giving up and sportsmanship. As a Falcon Family, our students, staff and community continuously strive to exhibit these values in all aspects of our lives and learning.

    Falcons in the Classroom

    Kentlake offers a wide range of class offerings to support students with challenging themselves in passion areas.

    We have College in the High School courses in Language Arts, Science, Math, Health/PE, Art, and Social Studies so our students can tackle college-level classes in a supportive environment.

    93.6% of Kentlake students complete a dual credit course before graduating.

    We offer CTE classes in Material Science, Culinary Arts, Art, Marketing, Auto Shop, and Computer Science so students can explore areas of interest that will prepare them for post-high school.

    Falcons in the Hallways

    Our Falcons work hard to ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in different activities. We have a variety of different clubs that meet on Wednesdays.

    Many of our Clubs like Interact, Honor Society, and our Leadership Program provide community service. Our students have raised hundreds of dollars for Pediatric Care Unit. They also run food drives to fill our Kentlake Food Pantry so that our students never have to go hungry.

    Other Clubs create opportunities to celebrate our diversity. Our Black Student Union, Latinx Club, and Pacific Islander Club create positive, proactive opportunities to advocate for different cultures within our community.

    Falcons on the Sports Fields

    Our Falcon Athletes show leadership on the field and off the field. Our athletes compete in a 4A league even though our school size is small. This necessitates that we work harder, are more focused, and apply ourselves.

    We understand dedication, commitment, and hard work. The same behaviors our students apply in the classroom are seen on the courts and fields as well.

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