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    The first half of the year has been extremely full of student learning in academics: math, reading and writing; as well as student learning from our social/emotional skills curriculum, Second Step, and from our PTSA sponsored Art Docent program.

    Meridian students are community and global citizens. Our students are instructed not only on academics, they are also taught social-emotional skills that support caring, empathy, compassion, collaboration and problem solving.

    In the last half of our year, our students’ schedule will be even busier. In the spring, students will also be taking several assessments including Smarter Balanced Assessment (ELA/Math), WCAS-Science, ELPA 21/WIDA and WA-AIM.  


    Students recently finished their I-Ready Reading and Math Diagnostic Assessment. This computer-based assessment helps identify a student's strengths, areas of growth and provides on-line lessons and games for individualized tutoring needs.

    I-Ready student results will be provided to parents and students at our February parent/teacher conferences.


    Meridian's Cougar Way: I am Safe, I am Respectful, I am Responsible.

    Meridian students try hard to follow these three important missions and when they feel they are ready to pursue these on a regular basis, their teachers and parents sign off for them and they receive their Self-Manager badge. This badge says: I am trustworthy, I will follow-through and I will be safe completing this role.

    When staff members see a student with this badge, they know they are responsible students who have earned the privilege of going to the office, the library, the restrooms, etc. without a classroom pass.

    PTSA & ASB

    Meridian's Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and Associated Student Body (ASB) are always busy putting on fun activities for our students and their families. By the end of December, Meridian had a fun run, clothing drive, canned food drive, monster mash dance, winter wonderland dinner and, of course, the visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

    Meridian’s PTSA is the sponsor of our Art Docent program. They provide all the funds and training that is needed for our volunteer parents to come into our classrooms to teach our students the artistic styles of world-famous artists. The culmination of this program is portrayed at Meridian’s Art Walk that is usually held in mid-May. Our 80-year-old building transforms into a walk-through of a student accomplished art exhibit.

    Funds donated by the PTSA, along with a grant from the Seattle Thunderbirds, will be used to install a climbing wall in the Meridian gym later this spring. They continually provide funds for replacing the filters and supplies that are needed for the new filtered water fountain.

    Our ASB has done a fabulous job of helping bring down the costs of each grade level’s sixth-grade camp cost. The charge for each student is $205, but with the funds that have been collected for this year’s sixth-grade students, the cost will be brought down to approximately $60.00 per student. Great job students and parents!

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Last Modified on February 11, 2020