Principal Villarreal

  • Welcome to Kent Elementary!

    I want to personally welcome you to Kent Elementary, America’s finest elementary school. Our goal is ensuring academic and social-emotional growth for every child in our care. We work to listen, learn and develop appropriate learning plans for each student based on observation, parent input and educator professional experience. Together we can build an excellent future for every child.


    Our team is ready to actively support your family. Our team needs you to communicate often with your teacher and the office team, so we are aware of your needs. Please call, email or stop by when you have any concerns. We will offer to make an appointment with the classroom teacher or an administrator to support communication and action. Please feel confident to share your concerns kindly. We work for students and parent success every day.

    Quality Team

    Our Kent Elementary Team is a dedicated, professional, caring group of experienced educators. We dedicate ourselves every day to serve the school community. Please join us in the commitment to Excellence by collaborating and communicating with our team.

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