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  • Going for the Goal!

    Action-Oriented Goals

    Last year, in our Collaborate School Quality Review (CSQR) we identified three goals to guide our work for the 2019-2020 school year. This quarter’s work is centered on goals 2 and 3.

    Goal 2: Data-Driven Decision Making

    Empower educators to utilize data to facilitate relevant learning experiences for all students. During the early release time, staff meet and receive training on how to analyze student work. We do this to be able to track what standards students are mastering and/or need more help with. Staff are engaging in professional development classes that train them how to provide and implement supports students need to succeed in class.

    Goal 3: Evidence of Rigor

    Gather and reflect on evidence of student learning to make informed decisions and adjustments to drive rigor and support. Rigor refers to the level of challenge the teacher engages the students in while teaching. Teachers are analyzing their lesson plans and re-working them to challenge students while providing supports to ensure they are learning.

    Your student may notice they are seeing the principal, assistant principal, and others coming into classes more frequently than they are used to. This is true! We are looking for evidence of the purpose of the lesson (Learning Target) and how the student knows if they understood the purpose (Success Criteria).

    The administrative team of myself, Mrs. Tang, Mr. Jennings, and Mrs. Howell strive to visit 8-10 classrooms every week. This means between the four of us, we should be visiting up to 40 classrooms weekly!

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Last Modified on October 31, 2019