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  • Moving into a Focused, Eventful 2020

    Many of us set those wonderful goals called new year’s resolutions. While many of them are traditionally set with the good intention of changing some long-standing habit, we hope you will set one with long-lasting benefits. 

    Make a resolution to read at home with your child, whether in kindergarten or sixth grade, for 15-40 minutes a day depending on their age. It has been shown in many research studies that this family investment has wonderful benefits for your children. Children who are read to day after day learn to read more easily than children who have not been read to. Children who hear wonderful stories in the warm comfort of their parent’s arms build the brain circuitry needed to be capable readers.

    Invest in your child now! We hope you will either continue your family tradition of reading or start a new and valuable one. Consider making this your resolution. 

    As we head into spring, families find themselves very busy. Here are a few suggestions for regaining your child’s academic focus and reducing some stress. 

    • Try to stick to as consistent a schedule as possible, particularly a regular bedtime. Children benefit a great deal from routine. Sleep deprivation is particularly detrimental to a child’s ability to perform well at school. Children need 8-10 hours of sleep a night.
    • Limit TV and video/computer game time by deciding how much is reasonable and then stick with the limits.
    • Monitor your child’s progress by taking just a few moments to take a look at what your child brings home from school and talk about the schoolwork together. If your child’s teacher sends home a progress report, be sure to check it each day.
    • Monitor and check daily agendas (grades 3-6) each and every day. Students should be writing assignments in their agenda daily. 

    Letting your children know that their schoolwork is a priority, even during this busy time of year, is a valuable lesson that shows how much you support their education and learning! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your child. Sawyer Woods looks forward to a focused, eventful 2020.

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Last Modified on January 27, 2020