Principal Ulland

  • Jumping into Second Quarter

    The second quarter is already upon us. Our rules and expectations have been taught and teachers are deep into their curriculum. Students are settling into their routines of classes, homework and extra-curricular activities.

    We strongly encourage all students to get involved in sports, clubs or activities as part of their school experience. Clubs and afterschool activities are often student-led and just need the support of a teacher as an advisor. If you have questions regarding athletics or clubs, please contact our ASB administrative assistant, Ruth Halverson or see our school counselors Renee Damerow or Brenda Bottorff.

    Parent Partnership

    November marked the end of our first quarter. At the end of November, we will have our student-parent-teacher conferences. Conferences are a great time for students to reflect on their progress to date and set goals for themselves.

    It also is a time for parents to collaborate with their children and their teachers on how to support academic and social-emotional growth. Middle school is a transitional period for students. It is a time when our students move from needing a great deal of assistance, towards being more independent.

    During Student-Parent-Teacher conferences and throughout the year, we encourage parents/guardians to be part of your child’s educational journey. As Carol Dweck writes in Growth Mindset, “if parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.”

    Student Leaders

    Leading our school with a powerful student voice is our Associated Student Body (ASB) officers. At the beginning of the year, ASB officers set goals and activities to make sure all students felt welcomed and supported at Northwood. We are very proud of their accomplishments to date and the leadership they bring to Northwood.

    In the first quarter, our ASB raised over $15,000 through a color run fundraiser, planned and lead a spirit day assembly and hosted a school dance.  ASB is a powerful way for students to get involved in school and make a difference. This year’s ASB is making a difference!

    The Heart of Northwood

    Libraries are an excellent place for people to gather, read books, and learn. Northwood’s library has become one of our student’s favorite gathering places before school and during lunch. Ms. Dacus, our school librarian, and Ms. LaConte, our librarian assistant, welcome students to read books, complete homework and quietly gather with their friends.

    There is even a piano in the center of the library where students have gathered to listen to a peer play music. Ms. Dacus and Ms. LaConte also are a huge support to students who need extra help on a research project or finding a good book. Our library is the heart of Northwood.

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