Senior Quotes

  • Purchase a Senior Quote

    Seniors interested in purchasing a senior quote for the yearbook must submit their quote and payment by November 30 at 2:30 p.m.


    All senior quotes must conform to the following guidelines:

    1. Quotes must be no longer than 250 characters.
    2. Quotes must include an attribution.
    3. Quotes/messages cannot contain abbreviations, initials, codes, acronyms, pet-names, or slang words. Terms such as IB, FBLA, and NHS will be accepted because they are school-sponsored.
    4. Quotes/messages cannot contain objectionable material such as profanity, references to sex, drugs, alcohol, illegal activities, violence, or weapons of any kind.
    5. Quotes cannot contain language that denigrates another’s ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, or physical or mental ability.
    6. Quotes/messages that are ambiguous, cryptic, or not understandable to a random reader will not be included.
    7. Quotes/messages that have a negative connotation, or may be viewed by the general public as negative or disparaging, will not be included.
    8. The yearbook adviser and KM administration will determine the appropriateness of all quotes and determine whether or not they will be included in the yearbook. The yearbook reserves the right to reject any message that does not, or may not, meet these guidelines.

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