• Definitions

    Follow Through

    Doing a thing until it is done. "I appreciated his follow-through on his promise."

    Red Tickets

    When we listen to teachers, we earn tickets to spend in the student store. 


    I'm sorry means I won't do it anymore. 


    Asking for Help

    1. Get the person's attention by saying "excuse me" and his or her name. 
    2. Say "may I have some help?"

    Be Respectful

    1. Calm voice
    2. Safe hands
    3. Smile
    4. Be friendly
    5. Answer Questions
    6. Personal Space

    Classroom Rules

    1. Do your work
    2. Try your best
    3. Ask for help
    4. Follow directions
    5. Take care of your own business
    6. Be respectful of self and others
    7. Listen to others
    8. Be on time

    Following Directions

    1. Look at the person
    2. Say "OK"
    3. Do it

    Getting a Person's Attention

    1. Look at the person
    2. Say "excuse me" and his or her name

    Kisses Are For Family

    • Grandma
    • Mom
    • Pets

    Listen to Others

    1. Friend says "stop"
    2. Say "OK"
    3. Look away
    4. Do your work
Last Modified on December 27, 2018