Immigrant & Refugee Support Services

  • Every Student is Welcome

    On behalf of the Kent School Board and our entire staff, we want you to know every student is welcome in the Kent School District (KSD). We understand that, due to recent political developments in our country, our students may be experiencing fear, stress, and unhappiness. Because these emotions can negatively affect a student’s ability to learn in class, it is important for our teachers, school administrators, and district office staff to create safe environments that offer care, compassion, and mutual respect.

    In the interest of supporting the needs of Kent School District, our strategic plan includes three (3) core values: Equity, Excellence, and Community. So, how will KSD continue to align our core values in support of our students and families who may be experiencing undue stress during this time?

    • We will maintain a welcoming environment for all children with celebrations such as KSD Welcomes the World Day.
    • We will uphold our practice that a child’s immigration status has no impact on her/his educational program in KSD.
    • We will maintain a student’s constitutional right to equal access to education, regardless of a student’s or parent’s immigration status.
    • We understand that a student’s rights are protected by the Constitution and a student’s right to access public education cannot be taken away by the president, the state, or federal legislators.
    • KSD will continue to enroll students regardless of immigration status, and without discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin. We will not ask about a child’s immigration status at school.

    Refugee Services

    Kent School District staffs a Refugee Support Liaison to assist the Refugee students and families in successful school integration and ensuring refugee students are successful in reaching high academic performance. This program focus is on supporting the recent arrivals and assisting in strengthening the skills, knowledge and competence of refugee parents, schools, and community-based organizations for the benefit of the refugee students.


  • Community Resources

  • Discrimination in Employment, Housing & Other

  • General Immigration Policy & Advocacy

  • General Legal Services

  • Immigration Legal Services

  • Obtaining U.S. Citizenship

  • Public Benefits for Immigrants

  • Resettlement Agencies

Last Modified on September 13, 2019