Year-Round Transfer Requests

  • Kent School District is Not Accepting Transfer Requests.

    Families can apply for enrollment at a non-boundary school at any time during the current school year for the purpose of Childcare (Elementary only), to remain at their current school after mid-year move for the remainder of the school year, and for enrollment in some special programs. 


    Students in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) may be approved to attend a school other than their boundary school for childcare.

    The following three conditions must be met to necessitate the use of a CCW.

    • Student is enrolling in Elementary School and attends a childcare not within the boundaries of their home address
    • Student attends childcare the majority of the week for before and/or afterschool care
    • Parent/Guardian(s) are employed or attend school which necessitates the need for childcare outside of the student's boundary school service area.

    Please contact the school you are requesting to enroll in to complete a Childcare Waiver.

    Change of Address

    If a family moves to an address in another school’s service area after the annual transfer window is complete, they may apply for a change of address waiver. The student may be allowed to stay in their current school for the rest of the school year if there is space available and the student has a record of good attendance. If the student moves out of the district, the family must also obtain a release from the district where they have moved.

    Please complete the Kent School District Change of Address Form. Return your form and new proof of address to your school. 

    Families must apply during the annual transfer window for students to stay at the same school for the following school year.

    If you would like to enroll in your new boundary school, please complete the enrollment process.


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Last Modified on March 13, 2024