Student & Family Support Services Team

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    Our Student and Family Support Services (SFSS) team helps schools to eliminate barriers so students can achieve their full potential. Through the coordination of academic, social-emotional and health services, our SFSS team guides schools to deliver tiered interventions and make connections to resources both in the schools and community. 

    Increasing Academic Achievement for All Students

    Our work is designed to increase academic achievement for all students. A guiding question of our team is “Will this improve outcomes for our students?” We believe families and community organizations are integral to student success. We provide support by preparing and coaching our staff in using Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to develop the whole child in achieving academic and social-emotional potential.  

    Communicating with All Families

    Engaging in two-way communication to increase student, parent, and community voice in our district. Serving a community representing over 120 languages, we provide access to trained interpreters, translated documents, and immediate telephone interpretation and navigate cultural barriers that impede communications.

    Meeting the Needs of Our Students

    Creating systems and processes supporting students and families focusing on equity and meeting the needs of our stakeholders is a priority. Utilizing data, we continually analyze the needs of our students and families and work to address those needs.

    Serving Families with Equity and Cultural Understanding 

    Developing a premier workforce through targeted professional development, we strive to build capacity in our staff to better serve our students and families through a lens of equity and cultural understanding.   

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Last Modified on September 20, 2023