Athletics & Activities Team

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    We recognize the primary responsibility of schools is to educate youth and an integral part of that educational process includes interscholastic athletics and activities. We encourage and promote diversity in all aspects of the programs as well as establish standards and practices to insure the safety, health, and general welfare of all participants.

    Good Sportmanship 

    Our Athletic and Activities team formulates policies that cultivate the ideals of good sportsmanship by students, coaches, and parents. We provide a model of clear communication processes between athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators. Our goal is to design all activities to provide fair and consistent opportunities for all students. 

    Opportunities for All Students

    Student participation in a comprehensive athletic and activities program helps our young people become better school and community members and provides opportunities not available in the regular curriculum. Participation in athletics and activities also promotes leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, goal-setting, and other valuable life skills.

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Last Modified on September 13, 2019