Technology Operations & Support Services

  • Technology Support 

    The Technology Support team provides and supports technology equipment for all staff and students in support of successful student achievement. 

    How We Serve 

    The Technology Support team is devoted to providing exceptional service, technology and application support, development, and administration. We also serve the critical purposes of one-to-one support, new hardware and software technology research and implementation. This will ensure efficient and effective instructional and operational practices that help to improve educational practices and outcomes. 

    Support Team Functions Infographic

    Customer Support 

    We serve students and staff by providing front-line technology and application support through email, Teams, and phones.  

    Technology Support 

    As part of our service to students and staff, we repair technology, offer software support, and deploy new technology.  

    Application Support, Development & Administration 

     We review applications to make sure they meet district and state security requirements protecting the identities of our students and staff. We also develop custom applications to streamline district procedures and processes. 

    Secondary Functions 

    • We offer one-to-one laptop support. 
    • We research and implement new hardware and software technologies.  

    Technology Operations 

    The Technology Operations team serves the critical purposes of identity and access management, cyber security, and information technology (IT) compliance. This supports efficient and effective instructional and operational practices that help to improve equitable educational outcomes.   

    How We Serve 

    Technology Operations is devoted to inter-networking, cloud computing, and voice services.

    Technology Operations Team Functions Infographic


    We connect our school and administration campus data networks so students and staff can access digital resources including internet and telephones anywhere within the Kent School District. We use network hardware, operating systems, and computer hardware to support teaching and learning. 

    Cloud Computing 

    We support cloud computing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Canvas, Edgenuity, and Skyward so students can access online learning resources anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet connection. Interactive teaching methods supported by cloud computing enable teachers to give more attention to individual student needs and support shared learning. This can help to rectify inequalities in education experienced by underserved or marginalized student groups. 

    Voice Services 

    We support district telecommunications by delivering digital telephone call routing services, call queue services, and voicemail services. We also manage analog phone lines for fax, red phones, elevators, fire panels, and emergency 911 locator service along with phone service integration with online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.  

    Secondary Functions 

    • We support identity and access management. 
    • We support cyber-security and compliance. 

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Last Modified on September 6, 2023