Student Leadership Advisory (SLA)

  • The Kent School District Student Leadership Advisory (SLA) is a two-year student leadership program that provides opportunities for high school juniors and seniors in Kent School District (KSD) to develop personal and organizational leadership skills and an awareness of community issues. 

    Monthly Meetings

    Each month, SLA members are given the chance to share student voice and discuss concerns, present ideas, and advise Superintendent Watts on how he can help improve the school district.

    Students meet with Dr. Watts at one of the high schools or at the Administration Center Board Room. For the 2018-2019 school year students are working with the KSD Communications team to explore options for students to also participate in meetings virtually.


    Develop student leaders who embrace the function of leadership throughout their school and district by shaping culture and performance.


    The Kent School District vision captures the future we seek to create for our students, that vision is to produce graduates who are globally competitive learners through equitable access to high quality academic, social, and applied learning, students are ready to excel in college, careers, and in life.

    SLA strives to…

    • Develop and instill a leadership mindset in students.
    • Develop a cadre of students who implement leadership skills within the local schools and communities through peer facilitation.
    • Create a legacy of leadership that promotes student involvement and overall excellence.

    Developing Leaders

    By participating in SLA, students will be able to develop and enhance the function of leadership throughout the school.

    Possible leadership roles include but are not limited to the following:

    • Attending SLA meetings
    • Serving on school and community councils/committees
    • Serving on the Kent School Board of Directors
    • Presenting leadership development workshops to a wide variety of audiences
    • Mentoring junior SLA members as well as other students at the local schools
    • Assisting in selecting new members

    Seeking Candidates

    Each year school building leaders and current SLA members will encourage those students who will be juniors the next school year to submit a form of interest.

    Candidates may not serve in a traditional leadership role in their school, but likely demonstrate many leadership qualities.

    • Academic achievement
    • Outstanding communication skills/articulate speaker
    • Demonstrated leadership skills
    • Effective team member skills
    • Digital citizenship
    • Credibility with a wide variety of audiences
    • Ability to analyze issues
    • Creative thinking
    • Confidence
    • Academic and emotional maturity
    • Commitment to personal growth
    • Emerging civic sense
    • Flexibility
    • Open mind
    • Ease with adults
    • School and community involvement
    • Negotiation/compromise skills

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Last Modified on March 29, 2019