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CNA Program

Congratulations!  You are on your way to certifying as a CNA.  

Please remember there are a number of requirements and DEADLINES associated with this program.
Course Dates & Deadlines
  • January 17th - Class Begins
  • February 10th - Certificated Background (start now!) 
  • March 3rd - NACES Online Paperwork
  • March 27th - Class Concludes
  • March 28th - Graduation at KL, 6:00 pm
  • March 29th - NACES Exam 
Renton Technical College Tuition                                         Castle Branch Background Check
Payment by phone at 425.235.2352 xt. 5910                         Please start now! $99 - use code rr75na
Provide your RTC student ID no. found on your card          Complete requirements/tests/shots by Feb. 10th
Kentlake Fees                                        Future Fees
Scrubs $30 (required)                            State registration to Department of Health (paperwork available in March)
Purchase Kit $70 (optional)                   NACES Exam $110 (sign up in February/March)
  • To Bring
    • White leather/pleather shoes (no bling - be comfortable!)
    • Analogue watch (must have a second hand)
  • Bus
    • Leaves Kentwood High School at 5:30 am / returns ~2:30 pm 
    • Additional stop may be made at KM if needed
  • When: Saturdays & Sundays 
    • March 4 - 5
    • March 11 - 12
    • March 18 - 19  
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