• Transcript Requests

    Current Kent School District students:

    If you are a currently enrolled student at any high school in the Kent School District:
    1. There is no fee for transcripts while you are enrolled in the Kent School District.
    2. Please allow five (5) business days to complete your request.
    3. Click here to complete the request form.

    Former Kent School District students:

    On October 15, 2014 the Kent School District implemented policy #3520, a fee schedule for transcripts.

    Fees for graduated and withdrawn students:

    • The fee for an official transcript is $5.
    • The fee for an unofficial transcript is $2. An unofficial transcript contains the same information, but is not signed or sealed.
    • All fines must be cleared before an official transcript will be released.
    • Please allow five (5) business days once payment is received and fines are cleared to complete your request. 
    Requesting a transcript:
    1. Click here to complete the Transcript Request form.
    2. Print out your form and bring it with your payment to Kent Phoenix Academy. Only cash or money orders are accepted. Personal checks are not accepted.
    3. You can mail your Transcript Request Form and money order (don't send cash) to:
     Kent Phoenix Academy
    Transcript Request
    11000 264th Street
    Kent, WA 98030-7717