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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


   PBIS is a research-based framework for teaching and
supporting positive behaviors for ALL students. 
This school-wide approach focuses on building a safe,
positive environment in which all students can learn.


The benefits of implementing PBIS include:

Fewer behavioral issues
More instructional time
Better attendance for student success





The foundation of PBIS at Horizon Elementary School lies in
the 5 Honorable Hawk expectations:

Use Kind Words and Actions
  Keep our School Safe and Clean
 Solve Problems Respectfully
 Follow Directions
 Do their Best



In addition to behavior expectations,
PBIS includes the following components:


  Behavior Matrix
Direct Teaching
PBIS Acknowledgment System
Behavior Reporting Form
Data Collection





The Behavior Matrix is a detailed description of expected behaviors to be practiced in each setting of the school.  For example, in the hallway, "Use walking feet" instructs how to be safe when in the hallway.  You can view the Horizon Elementary School matrix here.




Throughout the school year, students are taught what it looks like to use kind words and actions, keep our school safe and clean, solve problems respectfully, follow directions, and do their best in every setting during the school day.  These behavioral lessons will be re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year and become part of the instructional program.  Reminders are frequently used, for example, "Honorable Hawks use a level 1 voice in the café."




Acknowledging and reinforcing positive behavior is one of the best ways to encourage appropriate behavior.  Students can earn Outstanding Hawk Slips for meeting behavior expectations.  When goals are met, students enjoy individual, class-wide, and school-wide celebrations.


Outstanding Hawks





Even with clear expectations and positive reinforcement, sometimes students make poor choices.  A behavior report is written to report the incident.  Students are assisted in learning appropriate behaviors again by spending some time in their “Get Positive Spot”.  In this spot, students will identify their inappropriate behavior, reflect, and strategize an alternative, appropriate behavior plan.  If inappropriate behaviors continue, students will have opportunities to relearn appropriate behavior through teacher meetings, parent/guardian conferences, and/or additional consequences.

*Minor infractions - disruptive to the learning environment
*Major infractions - more serious or repeated inappropriate behaviors
*Effective interventions and supports will be in place to help students succeed in all academic and behavior areas.




Collecting data about the times, places, behaviors, etc. ensures informed decision-making to help all students meet the expectations through further interventions.  Please contact Allison Barry or Nikki Reynolds to further discuss Horizon Elementary School’s data collection process and reporting plan.




Dear Parents/Guardians,

To be successful, our behavioral system needs to be a partnership between home and school. 
Throughout the school year, the PBIS team will send updates and information about PBIS
We invite your comments, concerns, ideas and questions to help make PBIS successful at Horizon Elementary School. 

Please support PBIS at school by doing the following:

1.  Review the behavior expectations with your child
2.  Use the Honorable Hawk Code at home
       Use Kind Words and Actions
       Keep our School Safe and Clean
       Solve Problems Respectfully
       Follow Directions
       Do their Best
3.  Provide positive reinforcement (incentivize positive choices with compliments or quality time) at home

4.  Share your comments and questions with PBIS team members

Together we can achieve more!




Horizon Elementary School would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our new program and for your support.  Without your continued support our program would not be possible.  For more information and learn how you can support your student, please read our PBIS Parent Guide.


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