• Websense 7.7

    Green  = Allowed       White  = Blocked
    If you are browsing this page from a Kent School District computer or network (through the Kent internet filter) each web filtering category allowed will be indicated with a green mark. If you are not browsing this page through the Kent internet filter, all categories will indicate green.

    User-Defined User-Defined
    Abortion Abortion
    Pro-Choice Pro-Choice
    Pro-Life Pro-Life
    AdultMaterial Adult Material
    AdultContent Adult Content
    LingerieAndSwimsuit Lingerie and Swimsuit
    Nudity Nudity
    Sex Sex
    SexEducation Sex Education
    AdvocacyGroups Advocacy Groups
    Bandwidth Bandwidth
    EducationalVideo Educational Video
    EntertainmentVideo Entertainment Video
    InternetRadioAndTV Internet Radio and TV
    InternetTelephone Internet Telephone
    PeerToPeerFileSharing Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
    PersonalNetworkStorageAndBackup Personal Network Storage and Backup
    StreamingMedia Streaming Media
    Surveillance Surveillance
    ViralVideo Viral Video
    BusinessAndEconomy Business and Economy
    FinancialDataAndServices Financial Data and Services
    HostedBusinessApplications Hosted Business Applications
    Drugs Drugs
    AbusedDrugs Abused Drugs
    Marijuana Marijuana
    PrescribedMedications Prescribed Medications
    SupplementsAndUnregulatedCompounds Supplements and Unregulated Compounds
    Education Education
    CulturalInstitutions Cultural Institutions
    EducationalInstitutions Educational Institutions
    EducationalMaterials Educational Materials
    ReferenceMaterials Reference Materials
    Entertainment Entertainment
    ExtendedProtection Extended Protection
    Gambling Gambling
    Games Games
    Governement Government
    Military Military
    PoliticalOrganizations Political Organizations
    Health Health
    IllegalOrQuestionable Illegal or Questionable
    InformationTechnology Information Technology
    ComputerSecurity Computer Security
    Hacking Hacking
    ProxyAvoidance Proxy Avoidance
    SearchEnginesAndPortals Search Engines and Portals
    UnauthorizedMobileMarketplaces Unauthorized Mobile Marketplaces
    URLTranslationSites URL Translation Sites
    WebAndEmailSpam Web and Email Spam
    WebCollaboration Web Collaboration
    WebHosting Web Hosting
    InternetCommunication Internet Communication
    GeneralEmail General Email
    OrganizationalEmail Organizational Email
    TextAndMediaMessaging Text and Media Messaging
    WebChat Web Chat
    JobSearch Job Search
    MilitancyAndExtremist Militancy and Extremist
    Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
    ContentDeliverNetworks Content Delivery Networks
    DynamicContent Dynamic Content
    FileDownloadServers File Download Servers
    ImagesMedia Images (Media)
    ImageServers Image Servers
    NetworkErrors Network Errors
    PrivateIPAddresses Private IP Addresses
    Uncategorized Uncategorized
    NewsAndMedia News and Media
    AlternativeJournals Alternative Journals
    ParkedDomain Parked Domain
    Productivity Productivity
    Advertisements Advertisements
    FreewareAndSoftwareDownload Freeware and Software Download
    InstantMessaging Instant Messaging
    MessageBoardAndForums Message Boards and Forums
    OnlineBrokerageAndTrading Online Brokerage and Trading
    PaytoSurf Pay-to-Surf
    RacismAndHate Racism and Hate
    Religion Religion
    NonTraditionalReligionsAndOccultAndFolklore Non-Traditional Religions and Occult and Folklore
    TraditionalReligions Traditional Religions
    Security Security
    AdvancedMalwareCommandAndControl Advanced Malware Command and Control
    AdvancedMalwarePayloads Advanced Malware Payloads
    BotNetworks Bot Networks
    CustomEncryptedUploads Custom-Encrypted Uploads
    FilesContainingPasswords Files Containing Passwords
    Keyloggers Keyloggers
    MaliciousEmbeddediFrame Malicious Embedded iFrame
    MaliciousEmbeddedLink Malicious Embedded Link
    MaliciousWebSites Malicious Web Sites
    MobileMalware Mobile Malware
    PhishingAndOtherFrauds Phishing and Other Frauds
    PotentiallyExploitedDocuments Potentially Exploited Documents
    PotentiallyUnwantedSoftware Potentially Unwanted Software
    Spyware Spyware
    SuspiciousEmbeddedLink Suspicious Embedded Link
    Shopping Shopping
    InternetAuctions Internet Auctions
    RealEstate Real Estate
    SocialOrganizations Social Organizations
    ProfessionalAndWorkerOrganizations Professional and Worker Organizations
    ServiceAndPhilanthropicOrganizations Service and Philanthropic Organizations
    SocialAndAffiliationOrganizations Social and Affiliation Organizations
    SocialWebControlsFacebook Social Web Controls - Facebook
    FacebookApps Facebook Apps
    FacebookChat Facebook Chat
    FacebookCommenting Facebook Commenting
    FacebookEvents Facebook Events
    FacebookEvents Facebook Friends
    FacebookGames Facebook Games
    FacebookGroups Facebook Groups
    FacebookMail Facebook Mail
    FacebookPhotoUpload Facebook Photo Upload
    FacebookPosting Facebook Posting
    FacebookQuestions Facebook Questions
    FacebookVideoUpload Facebook Video Upload
    SocialWebControlsLinkedIn Social Web Controls - LinkedIn
    LinkedInConnections LinkedIn Connections
    LinkedInJobs LinkedIn Jobs
    LinkedInJobs LinkedIn Mail
    LinkedInUpdates LinkedIn Updates
    SocialWebControlsTwitter Social Web Controls - Twitter
    TwitterFollow Twitter Follow
    TwitterMail Twitter Mail
    TwitterPosting Twitter Posting
    SocialWebControlsVarious Social Web Controls - Various
    CraigslistPosting Craigslist Posting
    WordPressCommenting WordPress Commenting
    WordPressPosting WordPress Posting
    SocialWebControlsYouTube Social Web Controls - YouTube
    YouTubeCommenting YouTube Commenting
    YouTubeSharing YouTube Sharing
    YouTubeVideoUpload YouTube Video Upload
    SocietyAndLifestyles Society and Lifestyles
    AlcoholAndTobacco Alcohol and Tobacco
    BlogsAndPersonalSites Blogs and Personal Sites
    GayOrLesbianOrBisexualInterest Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual Interest
    Hobbies Hobbies
    PersonalsAndDating Personals and Dating
    RestaurantsAndDining Restaurants and Dining
    SocialNetworking Social Networking
    SpecialEvents Special Events
    Sports Sports
    SportHuntingAndGunClubs Sport Hunting and Gun Clubs
    Tasteless Tasteless
    Travel Travel
    Vehicles Vehicles
    Violence Violence
    Weapons Weapons
Last Modified on February 14, 2013