Principal Lear

  • Hello, my name is Dr. Shawn Lear. I am the proud principal of the recently created Kent Virtual Academy (KVA)! I am excited to bring my 22 years of service in education to the Kent School District (KSD). I have served students and staff in grades K-12 in both traditional and virtual school environments, and I am passionate about creating educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Most of all, I am excited to see what we can build together during our first few years as the Kent Virtual Academy community.

    A lot has happened in recent years, and regardless of where you are in life, you deserve an education. When I was a child, my father traveled a lot for work, and we moved around quite a bit. I switched schools seven times and attended school in two different countries! A virtual school would have been a great option for me as a self-motivated student. I believe in virtual education and have completed my two most recent college degrees entirely online. Even if you have never considered a virtual schooling option, I invite you to consider what Kent Virtual Academy can offer you and how you might become a founding member of our growing community.

    Kent’s virtual school is a fast-paced, fully online educational option designed for students in grades 6-12. We’re excited to offer a wide range of virtual classes, a flexible schedule, and dedicated KSD teachers and staff to connect with. Our staff are highly qualified and trained to offer both in-person and virtual instruction and support for all types of learners. We believe in a supportive and rigorous learning environment where teachers and students collaborate in virtual and in-person teaching and learning and are committed to providing the flexibility you need to be successful. Our caring staff will also offer in-person opportunities for students who may need some additional assistance from time to time. Our virtual school also offers cross-enrollment, enabling you to take core classes virtually while continuing your sports, band, and additional courses that you may need at your boundary school. 

    Students will join KVA for many reasons–our goal is that all students find a meaningful way to belong, grow, and succeed at KVA.  The experiences of this new community of students and teachers will shape the diversity of our school and collaboratively create the foundation of a lasting online learning program. We will foster positive relationships with special events and create new traditions for the Kent Virtual Academy school community.  We are the KVA Tigers!  We value perseverance, creativity, and achievement.  

    I invite you to discover what makes our virtual school a truly distinct and diverse learning community! I hope you explore what this opportunity has to offer you as a student and consider how you might become a founding member of our school.  Please check our Admissions page for the latest enrollment information at KVA.  Please contact our office at 253-373-6881 if you have any questions that we can answer about joining KVA.   


    Dr. Shawn Lear
    KVA Principal

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Last Modified on September 22, 2023