Principal Pratchett

  • Welcome to River Ridge!

    It is not every day that students and staff from several different schools have an opportunity to come together and make history in a brand-new school building! We are incredibly fortunate to be the ones called to set the foundation of what River Ridge is and will be. As a new school, our greatest opportunity is establishing our school climate and culture. Establishing a school culture takes at least 3 years, and we are excited to partner with our families to establish a culture of learning and growing!

    The importance of our partnership

    Our school staff believes in all and each. What does this mean? We believe that for all students to reach academic and social emotional achievement, wellness, and growth we must focus on each student. We must learn about each student’s life experience, strengths, interests, and areas of growth. We do this work by developing strong positive relationships with students in the classroom and by partnering with families.

    When families and school staff have a strong partnership, our students and school community benefits! We all have the same goal: to support students in their academic and social emotional achievement, wellness, and growth. It is crucial that we maintain communication with families to celebrate successes and come up with solutions to address our areas of growth.

    How can you keep up to date with all things River Ridge? Please make sure that your contact information in Skyward is current to ensure that you receive school newsletters and phone calls. Also, please consider being a member of our School Improvement Team. We would like to have a cohort of parents and guardians (approximately 4-6 individuals) to meet with and discuss how we continue to grow as a school community. If you are interested in being a part of this critical team, please let me know!

    An attitude of gratitude

    Did you know that our brains are wired to remember when negative things happen to us? I learned that it is a survival tactic to remember negative experiences so that we don’t put ourselves through them again. Well, I am big on practicing gratitude. I believe that practicing gratitude helps us maintain positivity and keeps us present and living in the moment! I am grateful to serve as the leader of River Ridge, I am grateful for the opportunity to work in collaboration with families to help students grow. Thank you for your support and your partnership!

    Raptor Strong,

    Kendra Pratchett

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Last Modified on February 25, 2022