Principal Abernathy

  • Glenridge: A Great Place to Be

    Thank You Parents

    In early October, parents and staff joined me as we examined both the future of our sixth-grade camp and how our school is supported by Title 1 (federal grant) funds. The education of our students has always been and will continue to be a joint effort of school and home.

    Whether it is participating in parent/teacher conferences, volunteering in the classroom, or participating as a member of our awesome PTO, parents are vital in instilling the importance of learning and the value of school.

    Sixth-Grade Camp

    After providing a brief history of Glenridge Sixth Grade Camp at Camp Seymour, a discussion regarding how to promote parent support took place. This year, for the first time in the history of Glenridge, we had to cancel camp due to not having enough chaperones. This came with a great deal of disappointment to our students, staff, and families.

    I appreciated the thoughtful and creative ideas shared by parents, including starting the discussion with our fifth-grade families earlier, and using other communication avenues, such as this, to share the importance of outdoor education. If you would like to assist with the planning and organization of next year’s sixth-grade camp, please let your child’s teacher know.

    Title I Part A Funding at Glenridge

    A presentation of how Glenridge benefits from the Title I funding source, including how we qualify for the funding took place in October. This funding pays for:

    • Intervention teachers
    • Materials and supplies
    • Promotion of family engagement (such as our Reading Night and August Open House)
    • Training of staff (related to reading, math, and/or student behavior)

    Specific costs were shared with parents and input from the audience regarding spending was solicited. While some parents thought more money should be spent on increasing staffing, some believed more money should be delegated to provide materials and supplies or training.

    I do appreciate all input and invite you to email me or stop by if you have any questions or ideas related to this federal funding source.

    Social-Emotional Learning

    More of our students are struggling socially and emotionally. These struggles may be due to a variety of reasons including immaturity, trauma, and peer pressure. Regardless, when students are in crisis, they have difficulty learning and impact the learning of classmates.

    Please take time to talk to your child each day about their day. Help them process the challenges they face. Some of our students deal with hunger, homelessness, and abuse. Some students are exposed to adult topics and situations on social media and are not able to effectively process what they see and hear. Some students seek the attention of their peers or adults and the only way they know to gain that attention is through misbehavior.

    Regardless of the situation, our staff work tirelessly to support and teach our students. This may be through structured lessons, such as Second Step Curriculum lessons or individualized approaches that are a part of our Glenridge and Kent School District Multi-tiered – Behavior supports.

    Remember, parents are the most important influence in their child’s life. As a parent of five children, now adults, I understand the trials parents face, but more importantly the blessings our children are. Thank you for all you do.

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