Principal Irvine

  • Welcome to Grass Lake Elementary!

    At Grass Lake, we believe that it takes all staff, students and community members working together to create life-long learners with a growth mindset.

    The school alone cannot teach the whole child. Parents are their child’s first teacher. You can become involved by reviewing homework each evening, listening to and reading with your child/children, becoming a classroom volunteer, and an active member of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

    We are proud of our school! As a staff, we are committed to helping each student grow and learn. Through our literacy work, Grass Lake Gators will learn to become effective collaborators, building on the ideas of others while learning to express their own ideas clearly and persuasively. In mathematics, Grass Lake Gators will build a strong set of foundational skills while learning multiple pathways for problem solving.  

    Most importantly, all Grass Lake students will develop the knowledge and skills needed for success in the 21st century. They will become lovers of learning and seekers of knowledge.

    Looking forward to a great year!

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