Principal Gauthier

  • Superstars Make Our School & World a Kind Place

    Be the “I” in KIND

    During our annual Multicultural Night in October, we introduced the theme of being the “I” in Kind. Prior to the evening’s events, all students completed a kindness/culture tile that has become part of the display that now lives in our main hall. Also, students and families had an opportunity to take a photo in front of the poster depicting themselves as the “I” and owning their part of kindness in the world today.

    Being kind must start with an individual, and we are all responsible for making Soos Creek and the surrounding world a kind place.

    Family Engagement

    The staff at Soos Creek thrive on family engagement. We look forward to the many ways that we interact with parents, guardians and extended family members throughout the school year.

    I encourage you to look for opportunities to participate in events at Soos Creek. You can volunteer in classrooms, join us for one of our monthly Superstar Assemblies, attend a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting or stop by with your child at any of community events.

    No matter how big or how small, we love to see you at Soos Creek.

    Continuing Our 50th Year as Superstars

    Thank you for trust and faith in each of us at Soos Creek Elementary and we look forward to continued success this school year.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of our staff, or directly to me if you have any questions.

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Last Modified on October 31, 2019