Principal Kroll

  • Welcome to Martin Sortun!

    On behalf of the entire Martin Sortun Staff, we want to welcome those of you who are new to our school community and those of you returning. Summer provided us another opportunity to install new equipment, receive training, learn new skills and strategies, hire staff, and prepare exciting learning opportunities for your children.

    Attendance Matters

    Attendance matters and September matters most! Did you know that any student missing less than two days in September typically has good attendance all year? Kids can’t learn if they are not in school. We make every day count for learning.

    Ensuring students are well-rested, on time, and prepared for school is critical for success. Establishing regular times for sleeping, reading, exercising, and eating breakfast are essential for all children.

    If your child is absent, you change your phone number, after-school pickup, or emergency contact information, please contact our school office at (253) 373-7314 to ensure your child’s continued safety.

    A special congratulations to our 23 students who achieved perfect attendance last year!

    Help Us Help You

    We encourage everyone to sign up for our breakfast and school lunch programs. If eligible, students may eat breakfast and lunch for a free or reduced price.

    Families that qualify actually help us receive additional funding for instruction. We all benefit! Families need to re-submit applications each year. Please register online.

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