Principal Hutchison

  • Welcome to Lake Youngs!

    It is a great honor to be the Principal of Lake Youngs Elementary School! Whether your child is entering their seventh and final year at Lake Youngs, or whether you are taking that first step across our threshold with a brand-new kindergarten student, you will quickly understand the qualities that make Lake Youngs such a special place.

    Our school is a welcoming place where the students, staff, and community work together to ensure that each and every student reaches their highest potential, both academically and socially. While our standards for academic achievement are the highest, we also pay attention to the importance of citizenship and social learning, as found in “The Grizzly Way.”

    We are honored to have you be a member of the Lake Youngs Family!

    The Grizzly Way

    Lake Youngs is a Positive Behavior Support System school. As with academics, we teach social skills and behavior expectations, holding all students, staff, and community members to high standards. Each classroom and common area create its own expectations, built around our “Grizzly Way.” 

    Students are recognized daily for meeting those expectations, and we hold monthly assemblies to honor students who best exemplify that Grizzlies are:

    • Ready to learn
    • Safe each day
    • Kind to all

    The bottom line is that everyone should be treated with respect, and that those who do harm will have an opportunity to correct the harm they caused.

    The Lake Youngs Community

    We believe in the importance of community, and we are blessed to have a remarkably strong and active community here at Lake Youngs. Please be an active part of it!  We are always looking for volunteers to support classroom learning and activities, whether reading to students, helping with bulletin boards, eating lunch with students, or playing with them at recess.

    Look for the many ways you can participate, for example by joining the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), participating in the B.E.A.R.S program (Buddies Engaging And Reaching Students), or joining our Parent Equity Roundtable.

    Growth Mindset

    We believe that everyone has the capacity to learn at the highest level. Sometimes learning is hard; we teach our students that every challenge can be met with grit and determination to never give up.

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