Principal Moore

  • Dream Big & Work Hard

    I am very excited to join Team KSD as principal of Neely-O’Brien Elementary School. We are anticipating an excellent year of engaging learning and growth for ALL of our students. The future looks bright for Neely-O’Brien Elementary and its students as teachers and staff work to develop innovative strategies and programs that empower and encourage all students to reach their potential.

    My Background

    With fifteen years as an educator under my belt, I have had the opportunity to invest in the lives of thousands of students and their families. It has been my true joy to have the chance to give of myself in this capacity. As principal, I work diligently to provide leadership and direction that empowers staff to effectively educate and encourage all students to achieve success in life.

    I have served as a principal for eight years and have successful experience engaging diverse student populations as well as building new opportunities for students to connect with campus life and the school family. As a school leader, I work to maximize staff collaboration, effective professional development, and best practices in instruction and student learning.


    • Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Texas – Arlington
    • Master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Texas – Tyler
    • Currently working on a doctoral degree in educational leadership at Texas A&M - Commerce

    Personal Quote

    I work diligently to promote a belief in dreaming big and working hard to reach goals. Whether student or staff, I encourage individuals to take risks and step out of their comfort zone. As part of that belief, I daily emphasize a strong connection between one’s character and success.

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