Principal Radford

  • Welcome!

    I am a true believer in Kent-Meridian (KM) students and the Kent community. I grew up in Kent and have worked in our district as a teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal since 1999. I couldn't be more honored to serve the KM community in my role as principal.

    I have the privilege of leading a high school filled with many of education's brightest and most talented teachers and staff. Our faculty and staff members work with the heart in mind, not just the head. We are here to teach you, guide you, and support you.

    Vision & Mission

    We want to prepare KM students to successfully take on the responsibilities of college, career, family, and citizenship in a diverse and increasingly competitive global society. We want to provide a safe, inclusive, high-quality education that prepares students for college and career success and encourages them to become active life-long learners and responsible members of the community.

    Core Beliefs

    We value potential. All students can be successful and reach their potential when held to high standards. We value character. Integrity, hard work, and citizenship are important ways to function and contribute to our community.

     Above all, we want our students to know that everyone belongs at KM. Everyone has a different story and circumstances in life, but our school is here to support you and help you grow. KM takes pride in our rich diversity and provides a safe and nurturing environment where all students are accepted and valued.

    A Community School

    Kent-Meridian High School is a community school. We serve students from all over the Kent East Hill and Valley. One of the huge strengths of the KM community comes from the diversity of our people. We have different languages, races, ethnicities, religions, and ideas - more than any other high school in the state. We value our diversity and we celebrate who we are!

    It takes all of us to educate the students in our community and I invite you to be part of our community school. We have a wonderful mix of academics, athletics, and activities for our students to showcase their talents. Come watch our great students doing great things!

    Please refer to the KM website for updated information. I look forward to continuing my work with all of you and wish you a wonderful school year!

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