Principal Tytler

  • Every Child is More successful When We Work as a Team

    We are truly excited about our return to school and to see all our students’ smiling faces. Although we have experienced the challenges of distance learning we have witnessed a resiliency in our students and families that has served as an inspiration. The re-opening of school has allowed us to focus on teaching and learning. We have witnessed a passion for learning and excitement for our new adventure for the school year.

    Amazing Team Support

    I want to share my appreciation for our amazing support team as they worked diligently to open the school year and solve any challenges families may have experienced. Our office team led by Diana Kirkland have been so helpful to make the opening of school a success for everyone. Thanks to Linda Corwin, Melissa Campbell, Shina White, April Solares, Joan Johnson and Zhanna Kapraleva for all their support. Also, a big thank you to our Librarian Pam Scholz and our Librarian Assistant Laurie Samora for their countless hours of tech support and getting everyone up and running. It truly takes a team to make a school successful for everyone and our East Hill team is amazing!

    I also want to acknowledge our wonderful custodial crew for their dedication to the cleanliness of our building that assures our safety when we access the school. Led by our head custodian Leslie Kramer and her amazing team of Tyler Pigott and Alexandra Kvyatkovskaya. Please remember to practice safe habits of washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing.

    Commitment to the Possibilities

    We miss our students and we are very mindful of going the extra distance to assist and support their success. We continue to focus on the wellness of our students, their computer needs and their challenges to learning. Teachers and our instructional support team are excited about the possibilities that this year will bring. We are deeply committed to making distance learning the very best learning experience possible. The East Hill team is dedicated to learning what more we can do to effectively teach our students to read, write, and be problem solvers.

    Beauty in Diversity

    Our team genuinely believes that equity, respect, and justice are central to the character of our school. We value greatly the diversity of our school and how that diversity makes us a better place for everyone. As a school, we have made equity and excellence a priority. Our diversity is our strength that affords everyone a chance to learn about the differences of each other. By using our diversity to learn and grow from each other we collectively benefit from the beauty of our different experiences.

    Maya Angelou said: “It is time for families and teachers to teach children early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

    The East Hill Elementary School team is bigger than any one person. East Hill is something special when we band together for this greater purpose. As a team, we will accomplish our goal of creating an amazing learning environment for the powerful success of every child through our dedication and drive for excellence. Our school team is motivated to overcome the challenges we will encounter this year in partnership with our students and families. Every child is more successful when we work as a team to achieve our goals.

    I wish you the absolute best and please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

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Last Modified on October 21, 2020