Principal Helgeson

  • Welcome to Sawyer Woods!

    We are very excited to have you and your child as a part of our school community. We enjoy our work at Sawyer Woods. We enjoy teaching. We enjoy learning. We enjoy sharing the world with children and helping them learn to get along with one another. Most of all, we enjoy children! We work hard and hold high expectations for ourselves and our students.

    We need you! Education is a cooperative venture. We are at our best when home and school both work together to help our children learn and grow. We want you to participate. Parent volunteers are needed to make many of our special and traditional programs work. Without your valuable time and energy, the wonderful richness of our programs and special events for children would disappear.

    Our parent teacher association (PTA) is the best in the business. It is well organized, supportive, and active. Our parents work hard to supplement and complement our academic offerings. Together, we are able to help children grow into the well-rounded citizens we, as parents and teachers, hope for. Please join and participate in our PTA.

    Welcome to the Sawyer Woods community. Share with us as we help our children learn and grow!

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